A Musical Entertainer Par Excellence

Date of birth: 6th September 1957
Nationality: South African
Telephone: 076 149 3449

This is to introduce Derek Jackson, a musical entertainer with the unique ability of being able to sense the mood of his audience and to immediately respond to it.Derek’s instrument of choice is an electrical guitar complemented by a tremendous range of backing tracks all especially chosen and aranged by himself.

He has no limitations in hies field and is capable of entertaining a variety of different audiences ranging from an intimate soiree to a group of wild teenagers. Once he has determined the ‘vibe’ he is able to capitalize on it. He has been in the musical entertainment field for more than 32 years.

Derek specialises in the music of the sixties, seventies and eighties but has been known to tackle other genres, even clasical guitar, although he makes no claim to be a classicist. Derek mainly operates as a”one man band” although he has owned two duos-Short Circuit and Krystal Vibe.JHe is popular in pubs and restaurants and has played in many, many casinos including Sun City.

He is capable of entertaining in, Pubs, Working men’s clubs, Casinos, Restaurants, Charity Events, Night Clubs, Corporate Events.

Any further required information will be freely given at 076 149 3449