By Breeding any mix of wolf and dog, we obtain a “wolfdog”.

A wolfdog can be a mixture of any Sub-Species of wolf crossed to any breed of dog. (German Shepherd, Malamute & Husky been the most common.)  Our Dogs are a combination of Siberian/Timber Wolf, German Shepherd / Canadian Wolf, Alaskan Malamute and Canadian white Shepherd Wolves.


Wonderful, loving temperament – Excellent with  children and family. Trainable and Obedient. *(Temperaments vary in dogs according to wolf
percentages and genetics).* These dogs are extremely intelligent!


They are suitable companions for both dogs and cats and love socialization with other dogs and people. They bond well, and need to be part of your family unit. They are very family orientated, treating you as part of their pack i.e. (The Legendary wolf pack in the wild)

Genetic Makeup Of Dog

Each dog is individual and unique in colour, character, physical appearance. Temperaments also vary from dog – dog, wolf content (%) also can vary from dog-dog.

Security Dogs

Excellent for protection. They are very alert and possess good stamina. They have an excellent sense of smell. They will protect you in cases of attack and danger. (Our Pups are barking from 4-5 weeks already). They have sharp eyesight, and good hearing senses. They are immensely strong.

Physical Appearance

Some are lean and lanky like a wolf, while some are  sturdy and well – built. Some have bushy tails that  hang, while others have tails that curl. They have very large paws/feet, elongated snout, or square well set  heads and faces. (esp. males). Eyes are slanted and  yellow/chestnut or brown in colour, with dark black markings underneath their eyes, some  dogs have unique masked pattern marking on the face.

Size & Weight

Varying in size from 40-45kg. Some are shorter than the standard German Shepherd in height but can be bigger! They are Fully mature at 5 years of age.


Available in various colours e.g. (White / Cream / Biscuit / Red / Sable / Tawny Brown / Grey / Black & Tan /  Black , Grey & Tan)


The wolfdog has 3 types of coat: (1) Short Coat (2) Medium Coat (3) Long Hair Coat. The short – medium coated dogs are popular. The Long haired coat is often very attractive. The Dogs have good, healthy Coats. *After Moulting the dog can be groomed and brushed to loosen clumps of old hair – with a T-Rake comb or body Brush. *Occasional Dips with recommended shampoos can be beneficial.

Wolf Content

“THE MORE WOLF % IN A DOG DOES NOT MAKE A BETTER PET!!!” *Low Wolf content – (0-40%)  (Ideal Wolf content) Mid Wolf content – (40-75%) High Wolf content – (75-98%)

The Advantages

(1) Wolf Dogs have the obedience of the German Shepherd and the senses and stamina of the wolf.
(2) The Wolf was bred to the thoroughbred German Shepherd to strengthen weaknesses in the breed.
(3) This produced genetic improvement and eradication of the Sloping Back in the German Shepherd. NB (The wolf/dog’s back is straight and not Sloped.)
(4) The ideal wolf content would be between 5% and 40% in a dog. These dogs could still be Trained and become a valuable part of your family unit. From security and protection to a loving and loyal family pet!

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